our philosophy

Inspired By nature, made for you

Taking care of our hair is more than a practical need. It is very much an intimate ritual – a way to begin your morning and unwind at the end of the day. It is a form of soothing meditation: You focus on getting shampoo on every inch of the scalp and massaging it to get rid of any impurities accumulated throughout the day. Aside from dirt and sebum, chemical residues from hair care and styling products also built up on the scalp over time. All our products are free from SLS & SLES/ paraben/ petrolatum/ edta/ mineral oil/ formaldehyde/ phthalates/ synthetic fragrance /artificial colorants

Our story

At Naked Gorilla, we believe that beautiful hair can exist in the absence of harmful chemicals, so we have created haircare formulas that cleanse and treat the scalp and hair without these chemicals. Naked Gorilla haircare products come with natural-blended essential oils, and without artificial fragrances, that will have you looking forward to your next shampoo.

Our brand name –
Naked Gorilla

“Naked” means to be free of harmful chemicals and only filled with the goodness of nature.

“Gorilla” as inspired by mountain gorillas and their natural diet of plants and fruits that gave them a beautiful mane without any special or specific care.

Safe, Non-toxic
& High Performance

Our haircare products are formulated for both professional and personal use. Every ingredient included in our products – from botanical extracts and oils – is there for a specific reason. Naked Gorilla uses reputable and beneficial ingredients carefully selected and sustainably sourced. These plant-powered formulas work to promote resilient scalp conditions and healthy hair growth.

About us

Naked Gorilla is a Singapore brand created by Duprex Cosmetics, and made in 2021. 

Its range of haircare products is exclusively sold at professional hair salons in Singapore. 

Our Products

Aside from creating products that give you effective results, we also want to elevate your haircare rituals at home and at the salon. Our products are also designed to be enjoyable. With the use of plant extracts and oils, you would find luscious textures and scents that soothe, energise and rejuvenate.