Professional treatments

Personalised treatment, targeted at your concerns.

Does hair and scalp really benefit from professional treatments? Yes, as long as it’s the right one for you. While we focus on maintaining the hair and scalp health at home by using the suitable haircare products. Just like our skin, our scalp and hair care require professional care and cleansing, similar to how our skin benefits from a facial. 

Starting at the root of the concern

In a professional haircare salon, there are professional guidance of hair experts who can accurately determine what individual’s hair needs and design targeted treatments to address specific concerns and help calm, balance and nourish the scalp, keeping hair resilient and strong.

Personalised treatments

Regenerating Treatment

Scalp treatment
targeted at deep cleansing

With deep exfoliating functions.
Anti-hairloss with hair growth properties.
Can also be used to eliminate dandruff.

Rebalancing Treatment

Scalp treatments targeted at oily scalp with excess sebum
With mild exfoliating functions. Rebalance the natural habitat of scalp for a more balance sebum output.
Anti-odor properties targeted for excessive sebum output from over-active sebaceous gland


Scalp treatments targeted at sensitive scalp prone to itching, redness & tightness.
With super soothing, calming & anti-itch properties.
Able to sooth with immediate results.
Calm down redness after 1 treatments.

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